Sight is one of the main protaganists in the universe. He wears a black and grey suit and fedora.


Ivan Rodin was born in Russia in the late 19??'s At the age of 5, Rodin and his family moved to Germany. In his early 20's during the beginning of World War III, Rodin joined the German military. He quickly became one of the most skilled soldiers. During the war, Rodin's family went missing. After a raid in Xitonia, Rodin successfully stole the radioactive chemical and weapon, Formula X211. After the chemical dropped onto an open wound on his arm, Rodin became radioactive and was given several superhuman abilities. A month after World War III ended, Rodin's family was never found and were presumed deceased. Rodin's wife, Emma, was eventually found to be alive and also was given superpowers due to the result of a radioactive bombing in Germany. Rodin eventually moved to the United States under his new alter-ego, Sight. Rodin joined other superheros such as Static, Black Rhino, Obsidian, Laser Knight, and more.

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