North Black is one of the main protagonists in Space Crusaders.

Origin Edit

Childhood Edit

North was born in a small town in Indiana into a family where he was the only child. At a young age, North showed signs of high intelligence, even creating a fully-functioning computer by the age of 8. At the age of 11, North and one of his friends, Alex, were mugged. In an attempt to protect North, Alex tried to fight back, causing the mugger to stab him to death. North ran away and would later attend counseling to deal with the trauma and guilt of the incident. As a teenager, North became obsessed with space travel and astronomy, often secluded in his room studying rocket science. He would stay heavily dedicated to his interests during his entire teenage life.

Early Adulthood Edit

After graduating high school, North was accepted into Harvard University. While in Harvard, North met Lacie Kennedy. North and Lacie became close friends and both shared aninterest in space.

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